Welcome to my website!

I am Lukas Bischof, a professional web designer

When I'm not busy making new websites, I'm designing other stuff. Since design is my passion, it always looks good. And since it always looks good, this probably justifies me as a professional web developer.


Is it really true that you are a professional web developer?


But how is that possible?

I have completed training as a professional web designer

Ah no, I mean because this website looks shitty

I beg you pardon? Angry alien

Just face it

Maybe it doesn't look the best but at least it loads faster than your jQuery bloated page. Aaaaand it's for sure easy to maintain. Aaaaand maybe I was just too lazy to actually do something pretty.

Do all your websites look like this?

Not all, there are actual some real ones


For example MyZivi and a lot of other projects I did @Renuo

You're only doing websites or do you have other skills as well?

Some, yes. Mainly involving backend stuff, iOS programming, photographing and pretending to be busy.


Out of order, sorry